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Olaf Breuning

27 IV 2007

Friday, 6.30 pm

The meeting with the Swiss artist accompanies his exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki. Olaf Breuning’s show is the next exhibition of the Transculture project. The artist takes pictures, makes videos, sculptures and intstallations which parasitize on common culture codes, stereotypes generated by mass media. He travells all around the world (from Spain, Switzerland to Peru). He searches for oniric places which he uses in his big-size pictures. Breuning makes places and objects unreal, creating situations which are meant to lack internal integrity. Having a critical view upon the growing hermetism of the newest art, he focuses on pop culture, thus making his works understandable for whole range of viewers.


During the meeting the artist will present his video works:
The apple, 2006
Ugly yelp, 2000
King, 2000
Group, 2001

Free entry!


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The conference is a part of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue in Poland


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